Oh My Controversy

What you are reading right now is something I hesitated about actually posting. It's about the Elizabeth and James collection belonging to the Olsen tweens. And yes, it is a highly discussed, posted, over-posted, talked about and gossiped news as in late. 

Some of the pieces are, well, basic. That's good, because it makes the collection wearable, increasing sales and offering high class pieces to the greater part of the public. The clothes are really nice and I personally wouldn't give a second thought to wearing any of them. 

If that's how it goes with the garments, wait until I arrive to the Elizabeth and James jewellery part. Must start with these. I mean, goodness, I must have died and went straight up to heaven, as good old folks say:
Yes, clothes too now. I picked five looks, the ones I liked best:

Also, collection presentation photos (seen above). Targeting to the public teens or twenty-somethings. So in. And what, isn't a hot pink poney in a leash something destined to make you buy the clothes worn by the model holding it? There you go. And I've just posted it. I'm being a bit ironic, but I told you already I like the collection, per total.
photo credit: Elizabeth and James
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