History In The Making Part II

Major, major slip of mine to not read Garance Dore when researching for the post I did yesterday. Not only would I have discovered the same Susan Cernek, but seeing her styling the same basics in a different way. These jeans are killlers, ok? No matter what. Or how comfortable a looser pair of jeans would be. Or worn with sneakers for that reason. Garance also says the coat in the picture used to be a Zara coat, but it was cut and re-styled into a double-breasted coat. Genius.

Susan Cernek on Garance Dore. Yes, again.

Keywords: high-waisted, washed, skinny, ripped. Enough for once. The next step is acknowledging everything has been done a billion times before. I'm like "Someone must have thought about this somewhere, sometimes on this planet." The only thing I have to do is find it and once I do come with/apply my own ideas. And voila, innovation. Sorry, this is how it goes nowadays. Nothing is new. Even teachers say that. We recycle something everyday without realising we do. Magic. Ka-pouff!

Sweet treats,


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  2. Even if it isn't anything new, that doesn't mean you can't put a personal twist on it.

    Trisch xo


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