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Laura Laine drawing for Elle Girl

Finnish illustrator Laura Laine is 24 years and lives in Helsinki. Her work portfolio includes big name of the fashion industry, but also magazines. The girls pictured are always so expressive, so many emotions, it's almost overwhelming.
On why she chose to be an illustrator and not actually designing clothes:

"Originally I studied fashion design in the University of Art and Design Helsinki, but I felt from the beginning that designing was really not my thing. I only liked illustrating the designs for the portfolios, and only after the first course of fashion illustration I felt I had really found a perfect field for expressing what I wanted. It was just a bit later that I realized I might also be able to make a living doing illustration. Fashion is something I find extremely inspiring and like to keep as part of my work, but I have never regretted of giving up the actual designing."

There's a set of drawings for the NY Times T Magazine with focus on goddesses.

Great interpretation of the Birth of Venus by Botticelli. Laura's drawing shows her wearing a long, flowy dress though...

Also, drawing inspired by the Viktor&Rolf Fall 08 collection. No?

New, for Muse Magazine:
And others I particularly love. I would post her entire work but the fact that there are too many holds me back. Hehe.

Lately it's been twisted-bodied girls with a melancholy attitude. (Laura Laine about her drawing style)...
photo credit: Laura Laine
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