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What could be better than a pair of Chuck Taylor High Converse? Oh, yes, a Comme des Garcons PLAY feature. Turns out, Converse and CDG PLAY are actually co-releasing four new versions of the old-school Converse... 
Those would be two lows and two highs Chuck Taylors. But there's a catch: the white sneakers feature a black stripe on the heel and the black sneakers feature a white stripe on the heel. Also, CDG PLAY heart placed on the inner sole aaand matching package boxes.

Although... how long do you think it would take painting a red heart on a pair of Converse, really? One second and a half. Good thing that my pair of Converse is already sequined so painting them would come quite hard. Haha. The Comme des Garcons PLAY x Converse will be released come July. Sigh.
photo source: tfs
Sweet treats,


  1. Yeah, I have a hard time spending designer money on something I think I could do myself. This is a great example.

  2. This makes me want to paint my own shoes. This looks like a DIY that even I couldn't screw up!

    Trisch xo

  3. The heart is a lovely little touch :)

  4. Intamplator sora-mea chiar mi-a pictat o pereche de conversi acum 4 saptamani - cu inimi!!!!!!!!! She's so ahead of trends:)

  5. @Alice: super! sa-i porti cu drag


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