Endless summer. You missed the season.

"Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems." (Rei Kawakubo)

If you think I went nuts as from today, you would be pretty close. But this is called, hear me spell it, rad. neat. awesome. And the rest of the family.
Wearable? 100%. In daily, casual wear or evening coats. It's like one entire wardrobe on one model at a time. Haha. I'd love to see how these things will look in a Comme des Garçons showroom. Lock me in there over night.

If you see this as a throw-a-blanket-on-youself type of look I couldn't argue. Just that it isn't. As style.com says it, Rei will most probably "be rendering the ideas in this collection down to a line of T-shirts". Render them! So one more thing before we call this a night: count me in line at the shops where they will be sold.

This above is like a Moncler Gamme Rouge wrapped in veil. See the entire collection or the details because, um, it would be too much to post them all here. Not that I wouldn't want it, though. And try to be good.
photo credit: style.com
Sweet treats,

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