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I haven't been so thrilled about seeing neck-pieces and jewelry since I discovered Tarina Tarantino. These above are the work of (Elizabeth) Lizzie Fortunato. Ran into her website today and I was amazed. Totally. Completely. Forever. Now, I don't think the following qualify as jewelry but mind-blowing, wearable art. Or, yes, as the about page says...  high-end jewelry is not limited to diamonds and features industrial, found and reclaimed materials. Right on!
I think anyone could come up with something unique if working on some DIY projects. It doesn't have to be extraordinary complicated. Really, just representing how you feel and your personal view. I bet Lizzie's pieces claim many hours of work, but what a rewarding feeling it must be!
photo credit: lizzie fortunato
Sweet treats,

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  1. When I saw them first time, some time ago, I had the same reaction - amazing. And how rewarding it must be to wear such beautiful pieces...


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