Birds In A House On A Hill

This photo generated a very strong vision of some of the origami pieces I've made myself years ago all hanging form the ceiling. On invisible threads. 
Surely, it would be more poetic to have them all as white birds, like this particular, hm, chandelier, seen on the selby. I don't exactly have the 13 foot tall ceiling to suspend it from, but come on:
Am I the only stalker of the selby? It has so amazing people and places portrayed (uh, please take me home with you?). Bold, colorful stuff, just I like things to be. Also, big time object clashes. Associations of unexpected items, cool living-rooms; pieces of furniture belonging to different time frames or styles. All a bit on the edge, a bit out there, but surprinsingly refreshing to see. And yes, hand painted words, too. 
So-so cool. Do try it when you get a bit a free time on your hands, it's highly advisable. Through this particularly post I found out about Liquid Architecture. It's a band with a cool sound, very much like some other french rock bands I used to listen on repeat back in highschool.
photo credit: the selby

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  1. I always made colourful paper cranes. BTW I have a little award waiting for you over here:

    Trisch xo


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