Seeing that the headache that got me staying more around the house than I usually would do on weekends is slightly going better, I can actually reach for the keyboard. Oh, the challenge! You have no idea how grateful you should be for being able to turn your head from one side to another with ease. No idea.

Goooing to another note, this particular post on JAK&JIL made me want to scream deja-vu. The ripped-jeans era. Been there, done that. But is it really over? This trend is getting to the classical edge of fashion. You see it but you already know it. Defining a concept, an era. Something which funny enough seems to look refreshing in a sea of neon pops of color and structured dresses. Too many, too loud. But still decades ago. Also, it's like a preppy look with some heels thrown in... it was a good break. But just that, a visual break. 

Susan Cernek from, photo from JAK&JIL

So, hoping that spring will be headed this way this century I can't get my mind off shoes and sneakers and flats. Even typing it out seems refreshing. I'm tired of rain and snow and hundreds of layerings done every morning. In these conditions, what could stop me getting my hands on a pair of jeans in my closet and tearing them up a bit? Hm? 

I have absolutely no clue where the first picture is from but I suppose it should be from a fashion mag of some sort. If you happen to have a hint, do tell! Until then, let's just all join the navy. Hah. That navy.

Sweet treats,

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  1. My favourite pair of jeans have been well worn over the course of almost 3 years and have a few holes going on. I just wear them with my blazer and heels and get asked where I bought the jeans and it's like "really people? these used to be dark!"

    Trisch xo


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