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Where is the limit between creating under your own name or for a well-known lable? How and when you decide where to stop? Does is take being even a tiny bit egocentric? Taking Karl Lagerfeld for instance: he designs for Chanel for 25 years now, but he's just as well know as an individual. What does it take to power both yourself and an entire brand? 

I was also thinking about Maison Martin Margiela. The three initials, as well as the labels on the clothes are real trademarks; standing for themselves if you know your way around fashion world. Or own one of the MMM pieces, for that matter. 
But the most important fact is that Margiela wishes to keep himself in the shadow. Press-releases are always using verbs in their plural forms, to stress the collective character of the brand. Also, Margiela is known for never talking to the press or giving interviews. No photos of him either. It's all about the brand.

Gareth Pugh is a young emerging designer, coming straight from Central Saint-Martins in 2003. He created at first mostly for famous clients in the showbiz industry. Yet he later was working under the supervison of Rick Owens and his partner, Michele Lamy. Now however, Hugh's collections, even though they seem so wacky, are doing extremely well in the sales department as well. 
What I'm asking, will he become a self-entitled and established label, or will he continue having a mentor (namely Rick Owens)? Yes, some more essential info: Bernard Arnault, the chief executive at LVHM is rumored to have his eye out for Pugh. LVHM already sponsored Pugh's January Paris show. What I wonder, will Pugh join the LVHM team, or will he go all by himself? If he has the means to do it, that's a fact: Barney's is doing well in selling his clothes...

I'll end with Karl Lagerfeld again, who is one of the most inspirational designers out there. I wonder, how amazing must it be to wake up every morning and doing lots of amazing stuff, basically not letting any design field uncovered, while also taking further the classical name that is Chanel. Timeless, indeed.
photo credit: Jacques Habbah, via The Moment
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