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A bit on the quirky side, yes it seems so, but I like it for that. It's Peter Jensen's Fall 09 collection. Judging by the colors, you wouldn't even say these outfits are for colder days, but not that I'm complaining or anything. Having most of fun when putting up something like this must be wonderful to experiment. Also, judging by the photos, this type of clothing can drive people into acting with less restrictions. They would surely be more stiff if wearing tight-fitting costumes or anything simliar. This collection chanells the same twentysomethings like, say, this Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 09 collection I posted a recently.
How deliciously can this clothes be? I mean it, the quirkiness may turn out to be quite charming:

Every item relates to authentic regional costumes (Denmark). That explaines the funny looking hand-knitted sock-hats, which are traditional pieces in the Faeroes. Oh, and greatest part? The collection has a STORY standing behind it. Jensen says he was inspired by Aunt Jytte, who, "owned a chip shop and cab company in the capital of Nuuk, Greenland, and liked fashion in the seventies." There you have it: now Aunt Jytte is famous and I totally want to raid her closet.

photos:, tfs

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  1. *scream* when i first saw the pictures i wish i could wrestle them off the models. the prints are gorgeous! and oh the colours! ah!

  2. Ah, da, delicioase! Nu trebuie sa te transformi intr-un personaj pentru a putea "purta" piesele astea. Ramai tu insati, dar cu o dispozitie de invidiat ;)

  3. I absolutely LOVED this collection!


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