Today We're Casually Selling Cookies

Ok, I admit. I forgot about the moodboard (1, 2) I was keeping up with. Buy know what? I thought I should put this week's up only in written words. Note: some are by me, some are found on the web and linked to the correspondent pages. 

Random of randomness while listening to soothing music:

-imagining the shape of the space I've walked through today.

-imagining a party with all the people from the same page in the telephone book.

-wanting the sky to be cristal blue and watching how it is slowly shifting colors.

-spring wish: here.

"Poets, I think, are to psychologists what birdwatchers are to ornithologists." (via)

There is a song that makes me feel I'm part of a movie, it's magical. Do watch the video, if you didn't do it yet. Listen to it as loud as you can.

Even after all this time
The sun never says
To the earth
“You owe me.” (via)

Canoodle! And ripple is at number 95! Hella good. 

Sweet treats,

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