They Don't Do Winter As They Used To

At the moment at which my hands run over the keyboard once small glance through the window tells me it's still snowing like there's no tomorrow. While I'm pondering whether I should get my furcoat (faux, of course) when I will eventually I venture outside, I decide it's time for a couple of words about the Blugirl collection for Fall 09 presented in Milan.

The first part of it is entirely pastel-colored and extremely feminine, girly. With bows, ruffles, minidressses (why, of course). Then the colors shifted into dark blue and black, having a classier edge once it was getting closer to the end. What made consider taking my own ( faux) fur coat today was the view of someting like this, inbetween college-girl look and girl-round-town look. 
Side question: Why on earth would you need sunglasses while wearing such an outfit? Any ideas? 

I had some hesitations regarding the photo above, but on certain conditions, it colud settle on a fine.
Amazing solution to styling a sports coat for an elegant outfit. It almost chanells Moncler with this one:

Colored fur coat. Again, I truly hope it is not real, but sure the look of it:

Excellent for a soiree, if you know what I mean. Or any other black-tie event, even with this lenght of the dress, one might pull it of, I think:

Finally, this last photos are dedicated to my never-dying love for anything that means short dress + long coat, both ending at the same level. Pastel hues and sort of classy looking, they still have a slight reminiscence of the preppy look:

Check out more colors and adorable craziness going through the entire set of runway photos. Now that I'm all colors and butterflies, I can continue my day. Have a amazing one too!
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