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Personal updates were quite scarce recently, I know. What else could we concentrate upon right now, if not fashion weeks, you tell me. Right? Eh. Also, due to, hm, busy everything right now I can't seem to find time to take outdoor photos. Which would translate into more accurate lines and no bluring and no other stuff interior lightning does to one. 
On a wardrobe note, I got some nice items recently, and I'm saying it without bragging for once. What is a weird shade of blue in the photos above is actually a 2 meter long scarf. Really, l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y. All thick knit. With pompoms and everything, it gets even more consistent than a regular sweater, so funny. Luckily it's still pretty cold outside. Even funnier, the tag says Gestuz, which I had an entire post about not so long ago... it goes back around, ta na na.  
I really, truly intend to take some proper photos of me wearing it and hopefully I'll get around to that too.

Sweet treats,

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