On My Best Behaviour. Not.

[what I love is this fascinating dust-pink hue and extreme black. all the way. lovely]

So I was promising more Fall 09, namely Marc Jacobs. Fact is, I can truly say I'm not a fan of the makeup or the hairstyles in the collection. They are just too much, even though they kind of stick to the entire "Let's chase those eighties back" kind of vibe. Still, I was impressed with the structured pieces and surely, bold color hues. Another statement piece making a comeback: strong shoulders (the entire collection here).

Interesting facts about the Marc Jacobs Fall 09 show: the guest list was awfully short compared to last year's, no decorations and oh, yes, folding seats for the viewing public. These could have led to people concentrating their best on the collection and not on the hm, props. Or it's just the economical crisis. Anyway, I find it a bit weird even writing about it...

About the collection itself: Marc wanted to bring out the best in those crazy New-York years. Noticeable disco fun, hah:

It's hard not to compare this with the early, debut style of Madonna. Accessories are reduced to the minimum, but when done, they are eye-popping.

The reason why I'm posting the following particular look is the shape of the ensemble, namely that of the dress. I think it's one of the the all time most flattering:

And of course...
I think I'd feel like a walking neon ice-cream for some reason, but I can't help not to like it. Repeat after me: visual, visual, visual...
all photos: style.com
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  1. ooo I love how it's so edgy but still so femme.


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