I will never stop stating how important are stories. Not only those that lay behind photos, scenes or editorials. Stories behind an accessory, a work of art, a certain garment. Stories will always give a greater strenght to the objects they can be found in; it's called credibility. The point is you have to look for the story, it stays somewhere deep down, not trying to be stated by itself, but only give bigger radiance to objects and people. 
Sometimes I wish we would stop just rolling eyes over pages in search of good visuals, aka good photography. Although I must admit I'm terrific when it comes to this, and do exactly the same thing more often than I would like to admit. I would love to see people reading more, you know, the actual written words. If this could be put in the form of a real-life book to hold in hands it would be even better. I won't criticise any further because I'm certainly in no position to do so and instead I should go and pick up a book from the shelf myself...
I've found today a fashion collection that seeks its roots in a well-know story. That is why I was so content to find the creations of Anja Austa. The very first photo was decisive:

Sweet pastels, candid pose. Did you read Momo by Michael Ende? I think it is indeed a good time to remember it. This photos are part of the Summer 09 collection, and it couldn't have been a better match! Major themes I have to quote: "the power of stories, friendship, compassion and the value of the small but pleasant things that make life more worth living." Now take a look at some photos:

all photos: anja austa
These above are just some I've picked, but there are a lot more. Black and white were chosen for most the clothes, only some pastels give an extra splash of color here and there. Namely, the make-up is done in vibrant hues of peach-pink and blue. Also, the embroideries and various material foldings were done to amplify a certain idea. Like those leggings in the last photo. I appreciate the way all the clothes seem to let the body find it's own place, move freely. Suppose you would twist in some of these dresses, would they make a huge circle around you? This question strangely comes to mind at almost all times. Well, I'm sure they would.

Sweet treats,


  1. what momo means to boys:

  2. that's totally fine, they both have these features: an about section, collection, stockist, news... :))

  3. I guess we are oversaturated by visuals, that's why we became a little bit rough-skinned to the story behind it... which is sad, in fct


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