It's Sad You're Not Just Making This Up

Everything's fine and dandy when you look at the runway photos which are always coming out (great). But how would it be having to cancel the fashion show just days beforehand? It's the recession that we are and (most probably) continue going through. 
Roberto Cavalli canceled the Just Cavalli Fall/Winter 2009 show because the business has gone under liquidation. The Just Cavalli line was started 11 years ago and was making an estimated €250,000, or $320,000 in annual licensing revenues...

What is described by IHT as a brief showroom presentation must have been, I'm sorry to type it, sad to attend. Comparing it to past events gathering over 2000 guests. Sorry to see this one end. But what gives me hope is that the show was still presented besides the cancelling announcement. 

"I am positive - life should be good" said Roberto Cavalli, talking about Ittierre, the manufacturer which has also gone under liquidation. This specific presentation page and this news put together are scarry.  So all I want to add is Everything will be fine in the end. If it's not fine, it's not the end yet (approximately quote, unknown source). xo, Just Cavalli.

source: IHT
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For my Romanian readers, read this and extra info on RFB.

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