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Today is dresses day here on SFT. Particularly, runway dresses. A lot of designers jumped on the dress bandwagon, it seems to attract them just like gravity. Marios Schwab for instance, has done a collection based mainly on mini dresses... Remember, Mini dresses will never die? There you go. I must mention, just as a side note, that I was a bit disappointed with Luella for Fall 09, as marvelous as the Spring 09 designs were... (Candy Came Rolling Out). Sure, I might as well just wake up one day and realise I love this or that or everything in it, but there again, here we are now...

Ossie Clark however, has extremely fluid, soft lines in the collection, nothing stiff or too structured. The girls seem to be floating above the catwalk as they walk. Also, great color palette: strong, bold, making-a-statement hues. Just as I like it. Don't know about those huge bags they carry, it seems a bit awkward to me to have a casual bag on your shoulder with such an amazing dress on yourself. See it here. This is the only look I love from head to toe:

Erdem. Just like that, prettiness overload at its best:

The Mulleavy sisters behind Rodarte are so good at putting together fine, fine looks. It was hard to choose, but I finally picked this one (think the brigh colored stripes are to blame):

In addition to all of the above, I'd like to say I totally appreciate it when designers are putting together a meaningful, suggestive collection. Not jumping from one idea to another, keeping it all close together. Because it is quite hard to express something different with little means and also be fabulous while you're at it. 
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  1. Dresses will always be the staple in my wardrobe so it pleases me to no end to see them popping up everywhere!


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