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Brackets are the epitome of fun. Well, that and bright, summery images displaying on the computer screen. At times when outside is undeniably getting colder by the day. 
So obviously, these conditions are completely forgotten when I see images with great splashes of light, promoting simple freedom. Translate this into a fashion collection and you get Gestuz
Definitely, it must be that amazing outdoor space and light that have such an impact upon the final feeling. And one thing is for sure. You. must. read. the. profile. Can't remember the last time I read such an inspired piece to describe the essence of a clothing line. Shout it out loud. 

[...] a hint of scandal and sweetness in her eye when she meets the world - a world that offers a breath of raw, rocket glamour, masses of music, underground and genuine respect.

She's a bit of a wild one, but nevertheless extremely charming, and even though the fashion follows in her trail, as she follows it, she does things in her own way. 

She loves metropolitan life with its raw underground scene, while the more sophisticated cultural events appeal to her intelligence, personality and style; she uses the city a lot, and often.

Also, wonderful press page and most amazing use of resources I've seen in a while. A professionally done press center for promotion is the key. Again and again. If you don't ask or give at first, you won't get anything in return no matter how long you wait. No credits, no reviews, no yourself out there. It applies here too.
photo credit: gestuz
Sweet treats,


  1. ur blog is fab because of the articles, the pics and your outfits & lovely personality! :)
    that's why... http://burp-nevergrowup.blogspot.com/2009/02/who.html :D

  2. I love the pink mini dress, i have a similar one in silver.

  3. @BURP: hehe, thank you so much, that's so nice of you! pinky promise i'll keep it up ;) xoxo

    @Trisch: yeas, that pink dress was the first piece that got my attention! but i love the rest of the pieces equally :D xo

  4. I love the pink mini dress, i have a similar one in silver.


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