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It's fun to talk about autumn with winter still haunting around more than it did even in December. I didn't yet approach the Fall 09 collections because it's such a madness with all these news coming up fast and so many of them. Need time to adjust and select impressions. Like it, hate it, feel it? There are so many fashion critics out there live blogging, swapping impressions...  

So here is a short list of style impressions, and two collections for Fall 09: Matthew Williamson and Marc by Marc Jacobs

1.Choosing black over anything else is always a hit.

2.Mini dresses will never die:

3. I said never:

4. Long live folklore:

5. Throwing in random items and achieve a coherent look is a remarkable talent. Fact is, you must believe in what you wear. If you don't, you will end up thinking that all the things the others are saying are true...

"You have to believe in your vision." 
(Matthew Williamson at the end of his show)

Let's move towards our second spotlight for today, Marc Jacobs, namely Marc by Marc Jacobs. Of course I fell for the most of it, I suppose I'm part of the twentysomethings style mentions, a bit ironically. So what? Of course:  love hiking and furry boots. Also, a color madness to snap out of the autumn atmosphere. It's the same every year. Also on the agenda: insane tights, scarves and bags. Oh yes. Bags and brooches, please, thank you! Fun. Fun. Fun.

Prove me wrong. Ok, I suppose I've chosen these two because I need a strong color infusion right this instant. More Fall 09 tomorrow.
all photos:

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  1. Iooooai! They DO make proper footwear after all. Hooray for the furry boots. < and for the matching apparel!


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