Designer Spotlight: Atelier Eugenia Enciu

I was trully honoured to receive an email yesterday from Diana Enciu announcing the new Atelier Eugenia Enciu blog. I must say, what a pleasant surprise, not only in quality graphics on the blog itself, but also, oh, the designs! (Just a small pit stop... I dived into my stacks of magazines to recover the issue with Eugenia Enciu... stunning).
I am starting off with the amazing number pictured above. I would say the oversized organza flower adds a special, feminine touch. Love it so, so much!  

This ensemble made up of a silk and cotton dress, worn with fake leather leggings, it's ravishing. I think details are of a great importance and may have the biggest subconscious impact when it comes to putting up an entire outfit. Well, all these designs are so well prettyfied with all sorts of feminine details such as lace or small beads, they almost make me scream with joy. 

And another thing. The way I see it, mixing elements made from from different materials (those highly debated material clashes) require skills and feeling. Soft and hard, dark and pale. Mix the rebel with the innocent. Always. Grr.
Now ask me which item belongs to the rebel girl in the outfit pictured above. Well, it surely is the black, daring skirt. That and some high heeled shoes for an excellent mix. Femme fatale. How about the delicate side in every girl? One word: silk. It is that precious feeling it gives when wrapped around the skin, or when you reach higher with one hand just to feel how it falls back down. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of asymmetrical items, in general. But now... now I could declare myself enchanted by this blouse. Do go see the real colors in it. Or stop some more to get an overall glimpse of the entire blog.

all photos courtesy of Diana Enciu

Sweet treats,

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