Dark: Make A Wish

Alexandra Groover's collections are mind blowing because of their extreme versatility. Really simple lines giving a multitude of choices to style the final garment. Mostly done in black, with some white pieces here and there. I love the minimalism of them all...
Favourite: ephyrae dress, part of grey label 3:
Also, the grey label trapeze jacket:
I find that this particular ending of the shell skirt dress is unexpected and makes the shape stand out. Pure white does the rest of the magic:
Make sure you go check all the pieces on the site, you'll find even more weel constructed pieces... see the shell hooded dress...
all photos: alexandra groover
Sweet treats,


  1. Different...especially the last one. Its the right touch of Avante Garde...for me, anyway :P

  2. @you have been tagged twice :)

  3. ok, girls I'm on it, coming soon :)


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