Blobs Of Neon And Paranoia Starts

Seeing these photos from the Vogue Light & Fantastic editorial over at The Kingdom Of Style had me totally smitten. I've never, like never-ever seen neon so beautifully done. I was used to neon being quite aggresive by the use of over saturated colors. 
But here, everything looks just like it got off the cupcake bandwagon. Really, it's so... delicate. Delicate looking neon? I didn't think these two words could possibly be used in the same sentence. 
Surely, one piece I can't overlook is the swimcap. Also, done in a soft pink neon looking strikingly familiar to a bunch of crowded butterflies. Eye. candy.
photo: Kindgom Of Style
Sweet treats,

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  1. This bloody old editorial still haunts me....


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