Super Fresh Candy Cream

1. sept. 2006 editorial
2. the Pedestrian Project. Costume designer Yvette Helin sent on the streets performers dressed up as people on public signs. 
4. today
5. ribbon. Chlo√© ribbon
6. versailles map
7. waters in motion 04:44

This above is more like a list with things I've been collecting over the week. But instead of pinning them to a real board, I've gathered them here. As diverse as the days & moods.They come & go. Should have waited until tomorrow, but the list would have gotten too long, haha. This is the previous one. Enjoy.

Sweet treats,


  1. Great moodboard! Especially the Vodianova pictorial and the Jarmush quote!

  2. i loved the idea of the editorial a lot & the quote, too! xo


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