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Fashion Rio is one fashion week not so much into the spotlight. Or so it seems. Of course, it can't have a notable impact upon the entire fashion scene, but some of the looks from which I've seen are excellently done. I like to discover once in a while how fashion is thought in other corners of the world. Back in September I was extatic about Japan Fashion Week. Well, lately I've been seeing some intriguing posts on tfs which made me go and make some further research on Rio FW. The shows will end tomorrow, on the 16th, but you can go and browse the one that have already taken over the runway here.
These ones I'm posting below seem to have a certain exotic breeze. To me, at least. Even if I wouldn't know they are from Brazil... I can't stop admiring how much work designers put into accessories and small details:
As you can understand, I just had to post a close-up on this specific piece: 
Coven FW09
A graceful LBD, of course, very nicely interpreted. See, it was kept simple, just some laced-up boots, flowy hair and that's all you could possibly need.

Coven FW09
This collection, Mara Mac, had a good game of cuts&crops. Funny enough, as I'm not such big of a fan of asymmetrical stuff. But what caught my attention were the trousers:
Mara Mac FW09
What's interesting though is that I can't say I've liked a collection from one end to the other as I usually do... If I happened to like the clothes, I find the make-up is totally wrong. Or that the shoes are not doing anything for the outfit, going to disliking them for good. But maybe I'm just being too picky right now. It's an engaging event, just like a twirl.
photos from tfs
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