Paper Cut

I simply had to put up some photos from the Chanel Spring 2009 Couture. Karl said he started out with a clean sheet of paper. No wonder. Just black and white; origami style, folding and twisting shapes into the form of a tiara. Katsuyo Kamo is the one who made these paper accessories for Chanel. He was featured in T Magazine back in October 2007, as The Moment proudly mentions it.
And while you're at it, it's worth checking out this Mountain Do slideshow, you'll have a blast!

The Moment gathered some opinions about the collection:

  • "orchestrated entirely in white and black, giving a graphic edge to light summer clothes, topped by whimsical paper hats. . . . . It is hard to imagine a more beautifully realized or perfectly judged couture collection" (The International Herald Tribune)
  • "What made the show a rare pleasure was Mr. Lagerfeld's supreme ability to concentrate on a single idea and find endless ways to express it. He was like a fly that landed on a leaf and surveyed all. But the leaf told him everything" (The New York Times)
  • "An all-white collection sounds like an exercise in clinical minimalism, but it wasn't. It was rather like an uplifting rite of spring, perfectly pitched between graphic modernism, ravishing romance and astonishingly innovative detail" (
  • "no shortage of pure delight, a collection inventively conceived and impeccably executed" (WWD)

Two-toned 3D, what's not to love?
photos:, quotes: The Moment
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  1. Two words came to mind when I saw this: Oh Karl! (said in the most fangirly voice ever!)

  2. Loooooooooove it! Karl is divine!:)


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