New Kids In Town

Definitely the fashion scene will soon be taken over by childrenswear. And judging by how amazingly, well, grown-up they look (you can almost read determination in their eyes) I'm sure the future will be bright. Even with the economical downfall, morel top brands will launch future collections for kids. The top selling designer labels at NY Barney's include Philip Lim kids, John Galliano and Little Marc Jacobs. Upcoming kids collections are expected from J.P.Gaultier and Lacoste.
I always believed that dressing kids in designer clothes head to toe is a bit too much, given their age. I mean, they are kids and growing up so fast, that their clothes will barely fit them properly in matter of, hm, weeks? And not to mention they like playing in the strangest places of them all, so why spend a small fortune so the kid can mess it all up in the sand? No matter how rich people are, splurging like that is something I don't understand. 
On the other hand, buying some fancier clothes or accessories to children once in a while will make them understand their value.  And also these can be used on multiple occassions. That being said, I love the styling of everything and how dynamic the poses are. You know, I am a big time fan of eye-candy. Also, don't they bring to mind the Asian street style? Or maybe I've been looking at too many zines today...
Sweet treats,


  1. wow the clothes are amazing, but the attitude of the the little ones its better,I have two siblings, a boy and a girl, I tried to make them wear a good style clothes,I don´t have the money to buy them labels (not even for me :() but I tried too teach them too wear clothes appropiate to every ocation.
    Have a wonderful 2009!!

  2. oh, labels are not important. if they learn to dress appropriate for the occasion they are attending, but be comfortable and enjoy what they are wearing, that is more than great. have an amazing year, too! xo

  3. Those pics are amazing... I am peturbed that eight year olds in London are way more stylish than me...


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