La La Lacroix

The first piece I fell in love with from the Lacroix pre-fall 09 collection was the last coat in the first set of photos. It is so expressive! Slouchy, yes, and it appears to be falling off if it wouldn't be that collar that makes my security feeling give the ok for it. The shape does all the work, or better said the lack of it, but also the tights which appear throughout the entire collection... I was looking for some time now for a similar pair for myself, but still no luck. Oh well. I think that the diversity of the outfits make this collection really suitable for a moodboard. Cocoon, eighties, and doll-like flowery dresses. It would be nice, wouldn't it? Mmm.
photos: tfs
Sweet treats,


  1. The overcoats look like they've been stolen from their boyfriends' closets, but thumbs up for the tights and most of the dresses. Bttom right gets my vote.

  2. i looooooooooooove the first and last dress from the bottom picture - they are o die for, everything else is also pretty!

  3. -that was the point with the overcoats looking like they do. stealing them could be another idea though:))
    -i love those dresses best, too


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