It's Different Now, It's Morning

Because last week I had a few hours to spare and wonder the shops, I remembered a phenomenon. The shopping moods and their animal behaviour similarities. The sense of fear, the psychological, ahem, marking of the territory. Feeling someone approaching (as in competitors, go figure)  makes the sense of fear deepen. It goes straight down the spine, like a cold chill taking the entire self all by surprise. Everything resembles to how lions act in the field when they wait for the prey to appear:

The slow moves. The wind making their fur move slowly from left to right and back again. Their eyes are brighter and the sparkles of hope get greater once the hand reaches scoops out the merchandise. 

This phenomenon happens regardless of how haute the shop is. It's even funnier if you take a minute to analise it. Did you ever notice how once you approach the shelf, the person already there feels a sudden urge to leave the teritorry? Well, it's either that or they grasp a certain object. Fearing that letting it go would attract your attention. And then you will be the one getting hold of it. It's ridiculous, but I've come used to it and it's something funny to analyse.

And I never worry. Now that is a lie. (RHCP)

P.S. The results of these animalic escapades, are called, oh yes, I'm sure you know it... finds.

It's actually evening & I had fun writing this, hope you read it accordingly. 

Sweet treats,

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