How We Hate To Love It

Here I go again. Imagine my absolute thrill to see these Pre-Fall 09 photos from Just Cavalli. Because it's such a pleasure to know it could be another flower-garden mania ahead of us next autumn. Really, I agree with darker hues worn on colder seasons, but aren't pastel prints always refreshing? If it weren't for those brown booties of some sort, I would have loved the outfits even more than I do now. 

And yes, how prefers to put it, there also was plenty of wildlife amid the flora. Read animal prints on coat or skirt. Also, some extremely casual items like jeans. But! My absolute favourites were the necklaces. Not sure if there is only one, though it's quite probable there are like a dozen superposed. Awesome. I like the effect they have upon all ensembles, even though they are totally ravishing worn with those long gowns. Now if I could only have the patience to think long necklaces on a more frequent basis...
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  1. The prints and the combination of hues are delicious!


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