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So as the temperatures keep going down, and I know I am repeating myself a lot with this, I have been wearing my fur coat every other day. It's been a manic week and I haven't completely recovered after the winter break. I could really use another two weeks to sleep, especially after the last couple of days. Manic.
So, if you stare at the photo above for a bit, you will recognise a sleeve of the fur coat and one of my black bags. I was walking pretty fast on the street and everything was covered in red light from the Christmas trees decorations. By the way, why don't they get them down already? I hate feeling it's holiday when in fact it isn't anymore. Oh, and fun fact. I love that people think it's real fur this coat it's made of. Questions like how many foxes were killed for it make me laugh my heart out. Geez; it's faux, fake, polyester, eco. There. Just another night with little sleep and I'm so moving to Hogwarts.

Sweet treats,

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