Crediting The Streets

Yesterday I was promising a wee street style post because too much time passed by without a breakdown. So here are some of the looks I've been gathering from various street style sites either because they are well thought of, or simply because of their quirkiness. Remember to click for bigger or follow the links where the respective article was originally posted.

I'll start off with the girls and first comes a Balenciaga ensemble, which appeals too me with the kind of bad-girl attitude. What the next girl has on caused quite a stir. In the comments sections, people were calling the look either garbage bag chic, or hot air ballon... Some noticed the bag, some noticed the coat, some hated it and some loved it. Then guessed it's warm. I suppose they could be right with the last one, haha. Now if you ask me I won't even comment on the coat. What I think it's special is that the girl was smart enough to pair the two controversial items she has on with a pair of sneakers. Touché!

The next two girls are both having some sort of pastel shades on them. See the scarf of the girl on the left, and the contrast with that yellow bag that is stunning. Or a floral print on the shirt of the second girl. Her image strangely reminds me of summer... there may be the white shoes to blame, too...

The boys are even more edgy than the girls. I've tried to split the four looks two by two: naughty and nice. Haha. No, actually there are all examples of casual looks, but with a twist. The second guy in the first photo is Jin Ok, a designer from Asia. The grey coat he has on is selfmade. It fits in his rather quirky style. The guys in the second photo both show some interesting layering patterns and a particular way of mixing colors. 

I've read/heard a long time ago a story about someone wondering why do people dress up so carefully when they go outside? Why they act like that instead of dressing up to sit at home? Come on, I'm sure nobody dresses up when spending a day inside the house just like they would if they would go, say, for a walk. Are the dear ones/friends/family given less attention than random persons in the street? Don't come and bring the comfortable argument on the table, I'm not that sure it should be strong enough. I still wonder whether that story has a little bit of truth attached to it somewhere...

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