Yeah, Me Too

This is exactly how I looked this evening after a long day of school-work-school. But what's even more interesting is that for the first part of the day I wore a dress and some black boots. Like I did here, but with another coat so I wouldn't freeze my arse off during the morning. Funny, I can't recall wearing tights during daytime for... oh well, too long. So long it doesn't come to mind right now. Haha. And because it was an all black look, it became exhausting at a point. Can't explain. After working at home for a couple of hours, I put on something more appropriate to carry stuff to school. I'm a clothed chameleon. Gee, my sense of humour definitely fades away when I feel sleepy, sleepier... Nighty!

Edit: This right here is my 500th post on this blog. As they say, the sky's the limit, woohoo!

Sweet treats,

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