When Did Superman Fly By?

This was the first question that crossed my mind after reading about David design. Here's something you don't see every day. This is a brand which has two major branches. One focused on menswear and another focused on furniture&every-day objects. It all started with the furniture business which is now moving into menswear and seeking a fusion between the two. Autumn/Winter 2009 is the second fashion line.
What I find particulary interesting is that finally a company has managed to develope itself into two apparently different ways. And its focus is the mainstream buyer. This fusion has huge potential of growth in both areas.
The pieces in the furniture line rely on simple lines, lightweight structures and pure colours. Suitable for a large number of interiors and multiple ways of arranging them within the house.
Another interesting fact is that the menswear line only has formal outwear. It is a good thing, a way to promote a certain solid, serious image to the potential client. They offer an entire lifestyle, aimed at those values which rank high on the value scale of the buyer. It's a good atittude towards the world of design. I would definitely love to see more businesses develop in such a manner.
I especially love the appearance of the presentation site and the way it is designed. I didn't expect to read things about vision, values or anything related simply because most of such brands do not offer that. Instead they focus sometimes aggresively on showing their merchandise in strong, persuasive ways. David Designs has a nice layout which allows the visitor to choose from a variety of options, learn about their aims, their concept & attitude. The brand also has some cool concept stores around the world.
They clearly have the know-how to building themselves a powerfull image to project to their audience. I wonder why didn't I hear about Dd untill now. Oh well, better late than never. And yes, I could totally picture Clark Kent wearing some of the pieces in the fashion line...

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  1. Have to show the pics to my husband - i'm sure he would appreciate the trench and the last suit ;)

  2. i love these outfits too!
    @carola: do that, and tell me what he says ;) xo

  3. i love these outfits too!
    @carola: do that, and tell me what he says ;) xo


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