This is what I wore yesterday night. The coat is brand new and in a bright color. I'm ecstatic. I was complaining about how difficult is to find coats in powerful hues during cold seasons. Why is it that they suppose only because it gets darker fast and the days are greyish, we have to dress the same? Oh well. I love it's so 80s, it looks good worn with jeans too. To come.

Until then, here I am wearing a skirt. Actually a dress/blouse and a skirt underneath. Plus, warm socks (yes, socks, they come extremely long on the legs). I wanted an all black outfit with the coat being a splash of joy. Something bright on the head and at the neck to frame the upper part and voila! Also, a small purse and a pair of gloves...

Do notice my cat making a special appearance. He wanted to leave the house too.

A trip down memory lane: Dress. Skirt. Bag.

Sweet treats,

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  1. it suits you very well :D congrats for the buy!I also love purple ;)) ps:I added u to my blogroll :D


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