Timeless LBD Part II

I was telling you about the other LBD in my closet. Well, this one is it. It has quite a fancy cut and it's definitely destined for grand events. Actually, I don't even recall wearing it somewhere else besides to the formal party at the end of high school. Hah. Back then I spiced it up a little bit with colored shoes and a matching clutch. A pair of gloves and a black lace shawl to keep me warm when I stepped outside. Otherwise, it feels amazing when I put it on because it's so soft. And those details&flowers at the bottom make it fold in a very particular way when I walk around in it. I probably won't be wearing it soon, but if I got around to take it out of the closet, I thought I might as well share. This is so a fashion blogging attitude. Hah. Pop the champagne!

Sweet treats,


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