Timeless LBD Part I

Hello there! I kind of had a day off today. Only had to work a few hours on a group project for school, but that was it. Instead I enjoyed reading new magazines and spending time doing sweet nothing. But before this, I put a little but of much needed order in the closets. Found a few items from last winter even, that I had forgotten about.
This above is a vintage looking dress. I have it for some time now, but wear it rarely. Last time I wore it was a month ago, but didn't have time enough to snap a single photo. So I'm showing to you now. It's really comfortable to wear because it is made up of two layers. The one underneath comes tight around the body and stretches if needed. The layer above is looser and makes small, funny waves when I walk or make sudden moves.
So now you know how my casual LBD looks like. I have another one, a true classic. To follow...

Sweet treats,

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