This Is Christmas

I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve! I've just finished decorating the Christmas tree. It couldn't have been possible not to do it on the last minute, you know. And I took a few minutes to make some ribbons like the one in the second photo. But it came out pretty all in sliver and red.
What I'm also proud of are these particular tights which I bought almost by accident. I was looking for a completely different pattern, but these looked even better and are thicker too, so how could have I just leave them there?
I really hope it will snow again, because when it did on the last couple of days, it melted away too quick. At least now the earth is frozen and even some thin ice is covering the streets. Very slippery, especially with these black boots. Now I'm going to change into some jeans and the faux-fur coat and then go caroling! Have a warm and happy Christmas!

Sweet treats,

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