They Cut Me Open And Found The 40s

Ok, I admit this may be a rather weird analogy here in the title, but really, only seeing photos from the Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2009 show made me feel like travelling back in time.
First of all, this is a oh so feminine collection, composed mainly of dresses in lovely shades of color. I'm sorry but I'm not that big of a fan of the animal print. It does look classy sometimes, but I don't digg it most of the times. Especially when paired with pointed heels. So I won't post those outfits. Instead I'll give you the most ravishing bunch of cocktail dresses. As well puts it, these are very well placed to anticipate the red-carpet events to follow.
Some other notes will include the pointed-toe shoes and furs. The kind of shoes worn in this collection is a must in anything related to cocktail/gala outfits. As much as they are not some of my favourites, I must admit they make the line of the leg look leaner and the ankle look elegant. As well as elongating the lenght of the leg, which dose come as necessary when wearing a max dress. Another essential thing is that they are black... And about the furs, gosh I hope they are just imitations! Otherwise they are the all-time perfect accessory to make any gala outfit be entirely complete. I don't think there exists something else that can add glamour in an instant, just like a small fur piece can do.
For day time, the 40s look gets deeper in the archives and the final appearance of the outfits make them look like they just came out from a movie. You know, black and white movies, with some gorgeous-looking actress experiencing desperate times in her life. I'm completely mad about this kind of movies and the whole atmosphere from back then. Do you remember that scene in Gone with the wind when Scarlett makes herself a dress from some green, fringed curtains? And she looks totally amazing. The gesture itself, and how Scarlett does it is so effortlessly fabulous. That's called style, it's even more difficult than wearing a sack. It might be one of my favourite movie scenes ever.
And when it comes to reddish hues, how is it that a medium lenght red dress can express almost as much as a long, tight-fitted one? At least in my opinion, it must be the color that makes a difference. Even though a long dress with a, hm, rather generous cut going way up on the leg, complete with a wave of ruffles does not rank too far behind. Other bonus points are the hairstyle of the models and the entire 40s air which somehow floats and recomposes itself along the collection.

Sweet treats,


  1. All of the outfits are so beautiful! The 40s is one of my favorite era ^^

  2. Oh, the dresses... May I say I want them all? Also, have you notices the space where the presentation is done? some kind of bar/restaurant with a strong retro feeling - kind of film noir setting :)

  3. @cassidy: now it's one of my faves too!
    @carola: yes, the setting does add appeal to the outfits...


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