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I've always wondered how is it that one outfit can be the absolute favourite for one person and a total no-no for another. Well, obviously, it depends on tastes and the environment which surrounds each one of us. Not rocket science.
But I've found some more detailed answers in a book I'm reading right now, entitled Paris Chic, Tehran Thrills: Aesthetic Bodies, Political Subjects, by A. Balasescu. I needed some more philosophical terms to explain this phenomenon, and finally found them. The fashion industry creates the garments (the subjects) which at their turn, generate categories like gender, class or modernity. Another fact that attracted my attention was the relation between body and the objects. The way the objects affect our moves, attitude and body position.
The dynamic character of the subjectivity which appears in our fashion choices gradually produces our self. Explanation: we can start hating something we once loved; or see something we used to found horrible, in a more acceptable light. I'm sure it happen to you more than once.
And now on what I wanted to highlight. I think blog trends are interesting to study. Fashion blog trends. It's a certain fashion geography. For example, it was noticed several times the distinct case of Northern European blogs. Characteristics: H&M (duh!), leggings&shirts, fur, hair up in a bun, Converse shoes and a general unique eclecticism.

Further references & recommendations:

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Street style sites:
Hel Looks;
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Personal blogs (read by using the Google Translator, which is sometimes hilarious):
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And this me today, with this grey cardigan which I haven't wore exactly since the 18th of June 2008. In exactly the same place. It feels like a million years ago! Also, somehow chanelling the Scandinavian style, with H&M, leggings, Converse and ear muffs. I wanted a pair since, you know, forever, haha.
Now if you'll please excuse me, I'm going back to my reading. Keep warm. Layering like mad sure helps.

Sweet treats,


  1. aw cute photos! love the coat & scarf.

  2. You look cute! I have a pair of earmuffs that for some reason are like a puzzle to put on so I never wear them :( Haha

  3. Oh I love your earmuffs and scarf! Layering is key! I do like your blog lots.

  4. I like this outfit a lot!
    I definitely start to like things I began by disliking--my reistence wears down.

  5. thank yooou! my thoughts about fashion items change quite frequently, i must confess. i guess we have to try them all, don't we? well, almost, hehe... xo

  6. Hey Lady, merita sa imi cumpar cartea lui Alexandru Bălăşescu? ai citit-o pe toata? :D

  7. da draga, pe bune ca merita. are tot felul de povesti despre prezentari de moda, cum se lucreaza in atelierele designerilor, detalii de culise etc. toate analizate obiectiv. e un studiu profesionist. nu o sa te plictisesti. xo

  8. mwaiii mesi:d o sa o caut maine!Sper sa fie prin librarii ,daca nu am gasit-o pe net. Ma mai tenteaza si aia de la Beau Monde

  9. hihi, pe a mea am primit-o cadou de craciun. parca cele de la beau monde erau o colectie intreaga din cate am vazut, dar se vindeau si separat. recunosc ca m-au tentat :)

  10. sunt mai multe?!eu una mare si groasa am vazut!

  11. eu am vazut si separat carte, dar si mai multe puse impreuna intr-un teanc si sigilate. dupa cotor pareau diferite, dar nu m-am putut uita inauntru sa verific. poate afli tu :D

  12. mai eu am citit pe net si e doar unalansata :D Insa prima data o sa citesc cateva foi in Carturesti sa nu o cumpar si sa fie boring stuff ce pot gasi si pe net :D O sa te anunt ;)

  13. thank yooou! my thoughts about fashion items change quite frequently, i must confess. i guess we have to try them all, don't we? well, almost, hehe... xo


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