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Morning Christmas Day! It's well past noon, but you know, it's holiday. Here's a special one: Glasvegas . I've mentioned their song, Flowers and Football Tops earlier this month. Imagine when I found out they made a Christmas album, which they recorded in a church, here in Transylvania. And of course, it's part English, part Romanian, as the title suggests. Turn it louder and enjoy!

Hello, it's freezing cold outside:
At my grandma's house, spent a couple of fun hours over a cup of coffee.
Don't exactly need to explain:
This is my new wallpaper, beginning today! Click on it for bigger and make it yours too! The photo is taken by me, and the fashion spread is from the latest issue of ELLE, which came out mind-blowing fantastic as usual.
And surely, what I wore when I went caroling:
It was fun. This are just some of the zillion of photos I've been taking. And yes, here's my mom&me:
I rarely feature anyone than me on the blog because it's quite a personal thing and the egocentric blogger that I am feels it's right this way. But well, Christmas is once a year so we have a double-feature. Party on and make it count!

Sweet treats,


  1. Looks like fun! I love your hair/the hair bow!!

  2. Looks a pretty picturesque Xmas...

  3. you look like having a lot of fun :) And the silver bow is just too sweet :)

  4. You look so pretty and your hair is amazing! :)

  5. thank you all for your words! i think it was/is the most amazing Christmas!

  6. cute headband!
    xx-LJ from SOS!


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