People don't seem to be affected by the economic world crisis now with the holidays are approaching fast. The amount of things purchased doesn't seem to go down, on the contrary, sales are increasing. Hmm. Well, the thing is the repercussions of the economic recession are most visible for the giant brands. I'm not only referring to huge names in the automobile or electronic worlds reducing the numbers on the products they manufacture. The effects of the economic meltdown are firstly visible for the most massive businesses, which start to reduce the number of products they make.

You'd like to think the fashion world is not affected. Unfortunately, it is one of the first to come down. Last but not least, important names in the fashion biz are surely taking measures one by one. From changing the presentation venues to much smaller and intimate ones (and, of course, cheaper ones, ahem...) to alternative ways of advertising. The problem (well, at least in my opinion) is that the couture part will undoubtedly be affected... Because, although I'm hard at admitting this, is the most shallow one. Sigh. So huge amounts of money invested into something that suddenly appears not to have an audience (buyers) anymore makes it pointless to be created in the first place.

Sergio Rossi, for example, is closing down a good number of boutiques. And will do the same with the ones in the US at the beginning of 2009... Donna Karan will organize a publicity campaign without using any models. And it goes on and on. The possibility of designers putting up their shows in the same location to reduce the costs of the fashion week is also talked about. What I'm asking is whether we will start using cheaper fabrics? Or will the design of the garments be simplified? Oh, I know. I'd wish everybody could just pay with Chanel coins. Really.

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