The Man-Knit

In the general order that guverns our Universe, we sure stumble many times upon knitted pieces winter and winter again. Wait, erase that. Knits have transcended long time ago the borders of anything that means season or seasonal collections.
As mentioned multiple times on Susie's blog as well as here, Sandra Backlund is a reference name when it comes to knitted gear. Can I go that far and name her the uncrowned queen of knits? Oh yes. But what do knits mean in the wardrobes of men? We should ask Sandra to extend her creations, if would sure be interesting to see her vision upon this. Until then, what we do know is that knits require the same amount of attention both for women an for men. And enough space on the shelves, sure, as they are fully appreciated fot the well-being condition they generate.
What about the simbolic part? Knits generally transmit a message of powerness. When it comes to that massive knitwear (and the supreme descendent of it) it's quite difficult to set the standard. Take a massive guy and add the biggest (and warmest, of course) sweater, a scarf and what do you get? Something like in the photo above. But it's a look very well received by the critics for these cold seasons.
Knits add volume and can bring in the limelight certain features. That's great. Coordinating colors is also a matter that should be taken into account. Probably switch to a neutral palette if you decide to pump up the volume or focus more on, say, shapes and twists. As we came to that, let's stop for a while on the shape issue. Do you go for the hand-made look which would generally have a loose look, or do you prefer industrial/factory style, thick lines to compose the garments? Again, we are in the middle of the volume issue again. It's just a decision on the distinctive feature you want to mark.
There's definitely something about knits. The feeling they give when worn. There's no more of fine cashmere sweaters aimed at wealthy, young, "metro-sexual" males. Just picture them sipping their cocktails on a winter evening. No. Now fashion wants knits that are easy to identify, which express an identity of their own even before trying them on. One of the most popular and perfect looking type of knitting comes from Northern Europe. People there have a tradition in anything that comprises knits. Just digg out photos of the ABBA members or look them up with google. The large selection of patterns and combinations are ravishing.
The hand-made look is still in, but the modern theory is light weight thickness. Cashmere, better said, double cashmere is the new everything. Inspiration: 70's hippie style, Afghanistan ethnic sweaters, Navajo tribal patterns and the Andes. Don't know about how suitable are poncho's for men (not so much in my opinion), but hey, if Mexicans do it since, well, forever, it's just as good as any well-established classic. Colors: earth tones, greys. Blocks of color might pop in, as well as stripes and geometric shapes. Place your bets on textures as well, they are all worth it. Whenever I come across the word knit I think of fine country style. Where did that go?

Sweet treats,

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