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There's no such thing as accessible luxury. Even writing the phrase down makes me sick to my stomach. It's such a commonplace to be found in all sorts of magazines and even newspapers. There simply isn't. But what does exist is the possibility of creating your own luxury based on a personal set of values. What's most important to you, what do you appreciate as being worth everything.

The notion of luxury encounters variations from individual to individual and it's not necessarily measured in how thick is the pile of cash you pay for it. Luxury can mean a piece of a morning spent on a bench in the park, with a cup of hot coffee in hand. Or the wind that you can feel tickling your skin when you get out of the house each morning. Some people do not have this joy. Some don't know to appreciate it and take it like a given. Luxury is exactly how much are you willing to give to yourself. The opportunity of doing it.

Society imposes us several cliche images we tend to associate with a well-being state. But that's not how things go. Brainwashed by media like mad. All day, all night. I admit, I would appreciate to be gifted with piles of jewellery dripping in diamonds, but up to a point. Fashion magazines are have douzen of pages with expensive clothes and shoes. Yes, we like to look. I don't mind, most of them are pure eye-candy. It's a material world. It wasn't I who said it first.

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