It Burned So Fast, It Matched Your Beats

I'm completely astonished about the fact we are fastly approaching the end of December. December! When did time fly by? It seemed like yesterday when the first leaves came down red and yellow from the trees. On the 1st of July I was feeling like I was about to celebrate New Year's Eve. It seems quite unnatural now, when we're really getting closer to that moment. Weird. Two weeks ago I tore away the page dedicated to the month of November in the calendars. I have two small calendars, very colorful. One with nature and one with runway outfits. Haha. And I kept all of them, pinning them gradually to a decorative mini-wall I've put up in the meantime.

Something I'm so sure about, and it's probably the greatest thing in life: New Year's wish. I might have written about it several times along the pathway of this blog, but it is oh-so-true. I've tested it over the last years and it never goes wrong. It is once in the year opportunity, after all. If not in the very first months to follow, no fear, it will surely come to life a little bit later. But always-always. A year is a huge time frame. Even if it seems small when you look behind, so many things change, so many situations appear and important tracks direct you. So, you know how they say, be careful what you wish for, it might come true.

I'm grateful to be able to look back, dig in the archives of this blog and find all sorts of old posts. Most of the very old ones make me smile, I would definitely not do them now the way I did back then, but this is their charm, after all. The person I am now has absolutely no right to change the past. It should stay back, right there where it is, as a proof of being lived. Functioning only as a reference for the not-so-good things not to repeat, and for the good ones to have a starting point from which to develop again and again.

About this blog, which I started in October 2007, can you believe I wrote a post almost every single day? Man, it's mind-blowing if I write this down, but I'm quite proud of it. Maybe it's because I somehow turned it into a daily routine allowing me to take care about my hobbies and something that I find a pleasure in doing. I'm so glad I can spread the love forward through the posts I write in here. It matters. Talking again about, hah, such life facts in about 14 days. Counting.
photo: howard petrella

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  1. time passes so fast when you are busy. and yeah, it sure requires a certain consequence to write a post on a daily basis..

  2. te invit la:

    My Grandma’s Backyard – Christmas edition

    Data: 20 decembrie 2008
    Loc: Club TEPHRA (strada Eforie nr. 14).
    Intrare: 10 Ron
    Program: 12.00- 18.00
    Concert ANEB: ora 18.00
    After party MGB – DJ Acidulate (intrare liberă)

    Anul acesta, MGB îl ajută pe Moş Crăciun, reunind la un loc 20 de designeri şi artişti din domeniu handcraft pentru a vă asigura un Crăciun plin de cadouri.
    Ţinuta obligatorie a acestei ediţii este mohairul – plăcut la atingere şi călduros, mohairul ne trimite imediat cu gândul la un foc mocnit în şemineu şi o încăpere învăluită în miros de scorţişoară, exact atmosfera pe care vrem să o recreăm la această ediţie.


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