I Know That I'm A Classic Case

The wonder of it all... A handful of fashion designers and architects were asked to dress a Christmas tree. Each creation resulted in showing the trademarks of the one who created it. The results of their work were unveiled on Tuesday night at Paris’s architecture museum, in aid of a children’s charity. Jean Paul Gaultier says about the tree he designed that it looks like a sixties chair. A chair inspired by his signature striped marine sweaters, of course:
Zaha Hadid, the architect, designed a tree to fit the general concepts of her work... A very conceptual creation based on structural lines this time around too. The evening reportedly ended with a bid of 46,000 euros for Zaha's Christmas tree. I love everything she designs. I've featured her only yesterday, near Karl Lagerfeld and back in June, also.
The Louis Vuitton tree is, how else, very classy. That lace-like cone does somehow transmit the ideea of what a classic Christmas tree would look like. Very fantasy land, but isn't that thought appealing?
The Gucci tree consisted of, well, a mountain of gift boxes. Nonetheless tempting, I would add. Just think about having all those gifts to unwrap on Christmas day!
Some people choose natural grown trees to decorate for Christmas. Others get artificial ones which are environment friendly and can be used year after year. But how would it be having such an unconventional Christmas tree in your living room? I suppose you wouldn't get to feel the holiday spirit so much because of the tendency to associate it with the classical look of Christmas trees... or, well, that could just be me.
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