I Did, Except It Wasn't A Snowball

I found amazing Christmas decorations at a shop which features a variety of decoration objects. At the mall, of all places. Smart guys, taking advantage of people needing to buy something just because they like how it looks. So I saw this white globe a couple of days ago too, but didn't get it at the time because I already had ridiculous amounts of the stuff back home. But turns out today I wanted to give an early Christmas present and the image of the globe just popped up in my mind. So I headed to the shop once again, to find there were all sold out. So I took a similar one, with silver beading. But then it turned out the shop had a last one, in white, used to decorate the windows... The shop assistants were very nice&kind going through some equilibristic moves with the stuff exposed in the window trying to reach for my white globe. Of course, I kept it for me and gave the silver one as a present. I topped them both with big ribbons and are ready to be put to good use!

Other than that, my house is like the gingerbread house in the stories, with cake flavours in the air as my mom is home-making them. The last time she made cakes at home, I was as tall as the kitchen table and making funny cookie shapes. Oh yeah, Christmas is rad indeed. Yes, and talking about cookies, check out what Lush came out this year. Cake flavoured lip-balm. Last year it was apple-pie. Manic.
Another amazing thing in this time of the year are carols. Over and over again, as many as possible. I went to a carol concert yesterday and it was enchanting. I wore my faux-fur, just as here, only with some black boots. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, outside some shy snowflakes appear right as I'm typing this. They melt as soon as they touch the ground though, but it's a good start. It smells like winter, sure feels like Christmas.

Sweet treats,

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