Green Is In The Mistletoe

The smartest thing I can tell you right now is that you risk going totally mental if you spend too much time outside. It's insanely cold and the wind is a killer so walking fast and on short routes helps. That being said I also should add I'm actually wearing two pair of tights. One comes in green and it's thicker and the other one has the black, flowery print on the back and has only 20 deniers. But both of them turn out to be very suited for keeping warm, surprisingly enough. And they fit in the festive picture. What I'm still obsessing about is Enya's winter album, of which my favourite song is White Is In The Winter Night. The other ones are equally beautiful and somehow more peaceful.

Have you seen the mistletoe,
It fills the night with kisses
Have you seen the bright blue star,
It fills your heart with wishes
Have you seen the candlelight,
It shines from every window
Have you seen the moon above,
It lights the sky in silver.

Green is in the mistletoe and red is in the holly;
Silver in the stars above that shine on everybody;
Gold is in the candlelight and crimson in the embers;
White is in the winter night that everyone remembers.
Sweet treats,


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