Foolish Round Eyes

I must have forgotten seeing this photo before. It must have been too hot outside at the time to realise I was visualising an outfit from Alexander Wang's SS 09 collection. I mean are you serious? I'd wear this, like, now! It seems pretty appropriate for winter. Not bare legs of course, but some tight black trousers or a pair of black jeans would do. And I'd also prefer some open-toe boots if possible to go with the whole ensemble.

Also, I'm almost sure I've mentioned somewhere before his Fall 08 collection, but revisiting it once in a while for pure viewing pleasure is a delight:

The grunge child comes to life in anyone who is viewing this, I'm sure. Even if he mixes some pastels in his SS 09 collection, Wang remains a favourite for all young minds.

Such versatile pieces in both these collections make a wardrobe transition look good both ways. Layering is an issue here once again, but I think we have established that. It's a problem welcomed to discuss at any point, because times change and wardrobe follows. Cheers!
Sweet treats,


  1. nice idea to pull off that alexander wang dress :o)

  2. yeah, a simliar sweater would definitely make me happy! xo


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