Everybody Knows You, Dear

Yesterday I went to this annual fair where Christmas presents are sold. It takes place in a huge building and hundreds of firms come and showcase their products and even have smaller prices than they usually ran in the stores. I spent almost three hours just wandering around and making huge, round eyes on some of the things for sale. One of my favourite spots was this place where there were small figures made out of wood for sale. They were more like children's toys because they represented small animals, trees and such. And the board games they had were also insane to say the least.

Ok. Other spots I loved were some those showcasing cards and other small stuff all handmade. So lovely. The most amazing objects at this kind of exposition are handpainted globes. They are so lovely and there is this firm where they decorate the globes entirely by hand with angels, and santas and christmas trees. I know I'm sounding nearly like a six year old, but hey, isn't that what Christmas is all about? I buy some of those globes every year around this time I'm getting closer&closer to name them a collection.
But I'm rambling. Back to the topic, I landed at this fabulous stand with silver jewellery. There were quite a bunch at the fair, but most of them carried standard models made out of all sorts of metals, wood and other stuff. I asked the lady at the silver stand to show me some rings. There also were some mind-blowing brooches but I won't even go into that. So I tried several rings on, untill I found this which came great. Of course I took it. The nice part is that, as I was mentioning above, here too had a good discount for anything you got. It came out quite cheap for a relatively large silver ring. I was dreaming about one for ages.

Sweet treats,


  1. Oh, that is lovely!! I love Christmas markets, especially when you find something for yourself!

  2. thats a really cool ring. i did a craft fair just the other day and it was amazing!

  3. What an amazing find...

  4. glad you like it, i wore it all day today and felt great! xo


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