Before We Turn oh, nine!

All the colors are changing, because my dears, we are approaching New Year's Eve! So I'll be away to celebrate it for the rest of this week. Wheee! Normal posting will resume on Sunday.

Ok, and my last pieces of advice for the o o eight:
Make a wish and you know how it's said, be careful what it is, because it might just come true! I should know, take my word on this one!
Have a fantastic end of the year and may it be that 2009 turns out to be cooler that your greatest dreams!
Be the one you hoped to be.
Drink tea.
Always layer.
Laugh harder than you thought you can.
Wear gloves.
Drink cake and eat champagne... or the other way around. Hehe.
Be good, travel well and keep safe.

Sweet treats,


  1. Love your glasses, you look fab! A new fan of your blog <3 Happy New Year's xx

  2. Happy Holidays Daiane!!!! :) have a fruitful new year! God bless :)

  3. Un An Nou fericit! Hope 2009 turns out to be great :)

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  5. Nice post and I hope you had a great New Year start! Can't wait to see new posts from you this year!

  6. Thank you all so much! Keep checking back often to see how we rock in 2009! xxoo


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